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Kyoto guide
English speaking sightseeing driver.

I had worked at taxi companies such as Yasaka taxi for 12years as a sightseeing taxi driver.
I have opened a private sightseeing taxi company at this time.
When I worked as a taxi driver in taxi companies,
I accompanied not only Japanese tourists but also many tourists from foreign countries.
I was also a guide to foreign VIP guests and a movie director who was nominated at the Tokyo film festival.
Kimi taxi provides you a nice and smooth Kyoto trip by luxury minivan
VELLFIRE 3.5 liter、Kimi taxi got new Lux minivan from 5 th September. I would offer you a “concierge taxi”.
Please let us know what you want to do during the trip when you make a reservation by e-mail or call.
Of course you could tell me on the day, but there is a lot to see and do in and around Kyoto,
so I recommend that you start thinking about what sorts of things you would like to experience over the trip.
For example, view and place you want to go, food you want to eat or shopping.

Sightseeing Taxi fares

JPY 6,600/hour(including half way guide fee) At least over 4 hours are acceptable Parking fees,
expressway tolls, entrance fees are not included.
The fares are applicable inside Kyoto city,
going outside of Kyoto cost additional money (for example, going to Nara city)

Credit cards accepted (AMEX, VISA, MASTER)
・Cancellation charge Cancel on the day 100%
Cancel less than 3days before the trip 50%

Free Wi-Fi service in vehicle adventure of Kyoto traditional course
(Course for first time visitors)
Kiyomizu-dera→Gion→Nijo castle→kinkakuji→arashiyama→Sagano(5-6 hours)

Kimi”s recommendation course in Ohara Oharasa-Sanzen-in temple→housen-in temple→Jakko-in temple(5-6 hours)

Otagi nenbutsu-ji temple 京都観光ガイドkimi

Otagi nenbutsu-ji temple 京都観光ガイドkimi

愛宕 念仏寺(おたぎ ねんぶつじ)
このお寺の車のナンバープレート、2台とも 358 なのです。
私が、7〜8年前まで京都で 小林 正観 さんという精神世界のお話しをされる方の講演会を主催しておりました。その中で、358 というのはラッキーナンバーと云うことでその集りに行くと 358 の車ばかりでした。こちらのお寺の方も 講演会には参加しておられないが
正観さんの 本は読まれておられました。
最近、このお寺によく行きたくなるのは正観さんの 御縁を感じます。

The temple, originally called Otagi-ji Temple, was first built in
the Otagi District (The central part of present-day Kyoto) by
order of Emperor Shotoku in the latter half of the 8th century.

At the beginning of the Heian period (794-1192), the temple
building was washed away when the Kamo River flooded. The
temple was reestablished by Senkan Naigu (918-984), a priest
of the Tendai sect, and became a branch of Enryakuji, the
Tendai temple complex on Mt. Hiei.

Over a period of three years beginning in 1922, the temple
was transfered to its present location in the Saga District, in
order to preserve it.

The temple has a wonderful array of 1,200 carved stone
figures of Rakan (disciples of Shaka, the founder of Buddhism)
made by people from various parts of the country from 1981 to
1991 for the reconstruction of the temple.


4.5 rating

Kimi Taxi Report

KimiTaxi 京都観光タクシーガイド京都観光ガイド 個人タクシーKimi
Kimi Taxiは、トヨタ・アルファードで京都を観光させて頂きます。
目指すのは「コンシェルジュ・タクシー」 お客様一人一人に応じた、
きめ細かいサービスを提供させて頂くために、 日々研鑽を積んでいます。

090-9700-1834 (柳川宛)


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