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Kyoto guide
English speaking sightseeing driver.

I had worked at taxi companies such as Yasaka taxi for 12years as a sightseeing taxi driver.
I have opened a private sightseeing taxi company at this time.
When I worked as a taxi driver in taxi companies,
I accompanied not only Japanese tourists but also many tourists from foreign countries.
I was also a guide to foreign VIP guests and a movie director who was nominated at the Tokyo film festival.
Kimi taxi provides you a nice and smooth Kyoto trip by luxury minivan
VELLFIRE 3.5 liter、Kimi taxi got new Lux minivan from 5 th September. I would offer you a “concierge taxi”.
Please let us know what you want to do during the trip when you make a reservation by e-mail or call.
Of course you could tell me on the day, but there is a lot to see and do in and around Kyoto,
so I recommend that you start thinking about what sorts of things you would like to experience over the trip.
For example, view and place you want to go, food you want to eat or shopping.

Sightseeing Taxi fares

JPY 6,600/hour(including half way guide fee) At least over 4 hours are acceptable Parking fees,
expressway tolls, entrance fees are not included.
The fares are applicable inside Kyoto city,
going outside of Kyoto cost additional money (for example, going to Nara city)

Credit cards accepted (AMEX, VISA, MASTER)
・Cancellation charge Cancel on the day 100%
Cancel less than 3days before the trip 50%

Free Wi-Fi service in vehicle adventure of Kyoto traditional course
(Course for first time visitors)
Kiyomizu-dera→Gion→Nijo castle→kinkakuji→arashiyama→Sagano(5-6 hours)

Kimi”s recommendation course in Ohara Oharasa-Sanzen-in temple→housen-in temple→Jakko-in temple(5-6 hours)

Customer Voice

Customer Voice

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29 April 2015
Dear Kimi san,
It was our pleasure to meet you and thank you for the wonderful tour. My parents especially love Japanese gardens and the two you showed us were very beautiful.
I look forward to my next visit to Kyoto and to meeting you again and discovering more of the beauties and history of Kyoto.
Best wishes,

Hi Kimi-san: thank you as well for the good service today. We learned much and enjoyed every minute. All the best.

Dear Kimi San,

This is our first visit to Japan from India and we really enjoyed the.visit to Kyoto.
The way you untitiringly explained the greatness of each of the sites was really impressive and it helped us understand the culture of Japan with clarity.

We also enjoyed the visit to the garden that you recommended.

Thanx for making it more memorable.

Kannan & family

Dear Kimi San
Thank you again for the great tour on Monday.
Mary, Colin, Michael and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your van provides a very comfortable way to see the sights of Kyoto and we really enjoyed your commentary on each of the sites, as well as your humour.

Kind regards

Kimi- we had such an amazing meal. Thank you very much for suggesting the restaurant to us – it was the best dining experience we have had in Japan this far. Master chef also added a great deal to our experience by explaining his courses in great detail when asked. And he was enthusiastic about his creations – that was very evident the way he interacted with us.
I sincerely thank you again for the excellent day we had with you as well as the restaurant reservation. You really made our experience in Kyoto a truly memorable one. The sites you showed us were great and us feel as if we wouldn’t have experienced as much as we did if we went with someone else.If you need an endorsement, please let me know.

Thank you again and best wishes.
William Carpenter

Dear Kimi-san

Thank you so much for showing us your beautiful city – Kyoto.  We had a wonderful time and you were so helpful from start to finish.  Everything was wonderful the gardens, the shrines, the temples, the saki and also your choice of restaurants was perfect – the food was great.
Kyoto is a city that speaks of tradition, order, beauty and civility.
You gave us some wonderful local insights which we will take with us forever.
We will stay in contact because we will probably come back.
Best regards
Robert, Anne, Alexander and Nicholas Hadley

Dear Kimi:

We had a very nice time and enjoyed your tour.  You were able to take us to even more places that we could have imagined.  Each stop was perfect and beautiful. The restaurant you chose was excellent and with the private dining room it made us feel very special.  John and i returned to Hawaii this morning and my two brothers and Dorothy will continue their stay in Osaka until Monday.
We know we will be back to Japan and will definitely go to Kyoto again.
We hope to see you again.


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